I’d just taken delivery of some product that I had to shoot urgently for one of my commercial clients…the thing is I’d promised Finley, my daughter, that we would definitely hang out together. It was Saturday morning and all she really wanted to do is go play tag in our garden.

All I really needed to do is start to shoot the product so that I could start emailing the client with the files.

So, we turned the whole shoot into a learning experience.  Now, Finley has been used to looking through view finders all her life (she is now four – but going on for eighteen).  And the kind of work I had to do that day really required a photographer and an assistant to help move the product very carefully around the table top set.

I was so surprised at how excited Finley was at learning all about lighting stands and soft boxes…that old saying that kids are like sponges really seemed to be very true.  And as she learnt, she became more inquisitive.

We really had a very fun shoot, and Fin did actually help out.  But most importantly for me is that I got to share one of my passions with Finley.

Oh, and I also got a kiss too…something that has never ever happened with any other assistant.