A passion for wedding photography and dog walking

JJ Muino Wedding photographer Cambridge, dog son a beach

If you’ve met me you’ll soon realise that I am passionate about wedding photography.  And as my wedding season ramps up to full steam I get even more excited about the weddings I’m about to shoot – seriously, I find it difficult to sleep the days leading up to a wedding.  I also wake up VERY early on Christmas morning too…

The thing is I need to take pictures, every day.  So I don’t really ever take a break from being a photographer, despite the advice of others.  It feels odd to walk about without lugging a heavy camera (I’m trying to persuade myself here to buy the Fuji x -Pro 1). Little update here; I got one of the first X-Pro 1’s to enter the UK… and I love it.  This camera will soon be replaced by the XPro II.

So, I thought I’d add a few shots of me relaxing (I’m the one behind the camera) whilst out with George and Elsa, in one of my favourite places, Holkam.

Because these shots serve as a timely reminder that sometimes we all need to go and splash about in puddles!

Have a wonderful week everyone, go find some some fun!

I’m Juan Muino and I am a professional wedding photographer based in Cambridge, but undertaking wedding adventures throughout the UK as well as destination weddings.

I specialise in documenting your day in a creative, relaxed and fun way.  To find out my wedding photography, click here.  To read a little more about me, visit my About Me page, but most importantly, if you are looking for a wedding photographer then do get in contact and let’s chat about your wedding plans and what you want from your wedding photography.

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  1. Hi Juan, I have been following your posts often – I LOVe holkham as well. Lovely shots too (we have to Springers).

    So sorry to hear about Elsa – I saw you post on FB. I Can only imagine how you must feel 🙁 We will be in contact as we wi=ould like to take you up on your offer of a Holkham engagement.

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