You never forget your first ‘proper’ bike.  I haven’t.  I was lucky enough to get a blue Grifter bike for one of my birthdays and I was so very proud of it.  Apart from anything, it opened up a world of (almost) independence for me…and it was the bike to have.


And I guess I now appreciate just  how hard my parents had to work in order for me to have such a great bike.

A while ago wrote about how my daughter is growing up so quickly.  We are about to celebrate her 6th birthday in August.  And I thought she needed a new bike, her first proper bike.

And now I also get to appreciate just how difficult those words were for my parents to say…’Please take care on it’.

Happy birthday Fin.  Take care on your new bike.  x

Taken on (at last) a Fuji X Pro at Iso 3200, F:2. Fuji 18mm Lens…in my soon to be new studio space!

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