The Classic Coffee Table Wedding Book


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With a feel of a high quality, beautifully bound art book, these coffee table books are a very popular way to share your wedding images.

No standard templates are used, instead each page is designed just for you, ensuring your album or book is as unique as your wedding.

Available in a huge range of sizes, as well as cover options, every aspect of this book is designed just for you.

Available sizes:  From 6×6 inch to 14 x 10 inch an dup to 60 pages

Cover options:  Choose from contemporary linen in a huge range of colours, as well as leatherette and even image covers.

Pricing, based on a 14 x 10 inch, 40 page (20 spread) coffee table book:  £165.00

For more information on pricing, design and cover options please get in touch.

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