My wedding photography kit bag has more than just L series and chewing gum!

Photographers get asked one question more than any other… What camera system do you use?  And I’ve written previously about my choice of equipment and of course my wedding photography wish list.

I’ve been a wedding photographer twice, this time around for over 7 years, and I like to think that I not only bring a creative eye to a wedding, but I also bring lots of experience.  I’ve shot weddings in some of thee most beautiful locations and venues, I’ve seen the most perfect of days during weddings and photographed the most emotional of moments.  I have photographed weddings minutes before major floods, and I have reported on moments where I was just happy to witness.

I’ve developed my kit over many years shooting weddings, editorial and portraits.  So, I wanted to explain what else is always in my kit bag when I am photographing a wedding… Feel free to add to this list and let us know what makes it into your kit bag too – leave a comment below or contact me.

No: 1.  White safety pins

You’d be surprised at the amount of times, the venue can not find emergency safety pins… Imagine what an absolute hero you become when you produce small WHITE (the have to be white) safety pins.

No: 2.  Smints (or other mints)

A brilliant ice breaker for the groom’s party and just super handy to have for everyone else that may be hoping to kiss during the wedding.

No: 3  Tape pen

Just an ordinary Sharpie Pen… but I wind about 20 cm of double sided tape (perfect for emergency trouser/ hem repairs), Gaffer Tape (I’m old school and never leave home without this stuff), normal cellotape – perfect for helping wrap those last minute pressies or to help the venue out in an emergency sign issue and some insulation tape, just in case I have an issue with a electrical cable.

No: 4  Tissues

Just in case some one gets something in their eye – again, instant hero.

No: 5  Spare car keys

My weddings take me all over the place, sometime I am hours away from home.  The worst feeling is the moment you pack your gear away at 23:45, and you are ready to get home and you can not find your car keys, even though you had them three seconds ago.  Trust me on this one, bring a spare set of car keys.

So, there’s a tiny insight in to my wedding photography camera bag, and because i know some one will ask, I have a Lower Roller 100 in the car, I either have my trusty Billingham on my shoulder with pretty much everything I need for the day… Or my smaller Think Tank Retrospective camera bag in black; yes, photographers also tend to be slightly addicted to camera cases and bags.

Bio:  I’m Juan Muino and I’m a wedding photographer based in and around Cambridgeshire (UK) and shoot throughout the uK as well as destination weddings.  I’ve been a photographer all my life, and when not shooting weddings, I also run a portrait studio and also shoot head shots for actors, performers and presenters.