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Here’s some information on your engagement shoot

Thank you for taking the time to do a pre-wedding or engagement shoot.  My aim is to produce a collection of relaxed, fun portraits of you together.  The idea being that we get to use one image for your signing frame.  Unofficially, I’d like you to end up with between 40 – 60 lovely shots of you both that you can use as you so wish; we simply don’t get enough photographs taken of ourselves.

I promise to make your shoot as fun and as painless as possible, and should you have any ideas, then please do bring them along to your shoot!

Where do we shoot the engagement shoot?

This is up to you.  Ideally, it should be somewhere special to you both.  If you’re stuck for an idea of where to have your engagement shoot taken, then have a look through the slideshow above for a little inspiration.

It may also be possible to shoot your engagement shoot at your wedding venue.  We would have to ask for permission, and some venues will charge.

How long will the engagement shoot take?

Generally, your engagement shoot should take around 2 hours.  There is no time limit to it, but in my experience two hours is plenty!

What should I wear to our engagement shoot?

Wear what ever you both feel comfortable in.  It is best to avoid loud bright patterns and anything with a huge logo.  some couples bring a change, but that isn’t always necessary.   The important thing is that you both should be comfortable.

How long do we have to wait for the images and how are they presented?

Usually two weeks, however I’d like to get them to you a little sooner.  Once they have been edited, you’ll both get a link to your engagement shoot gallery.  some images may be processed in black and white, and you can always request more to be done in black and white too.

Depending on when your wedding is, I’ll also get full resolution as well as standard resolution images to you on a disc (excuse the packaging).  They’ll also be added to your USB folio together with your wedding images.

Can I print from the shots?

Yes!  As with your wedding images, your engagement shoot images will be supplied with full printing rights, with no water marks.  Meaning that you can print from them.  You can also order prints from your gallery too.

What happens if it rains on our engagement shoot?

We shoot your engagement shoot in Miami! 🙂  Sadly, that may not be possible.  I am more than happy to shoot in the rain, but I want this experience to be as fun for you as possible… so it would be up to you both if you’d like to shoot in the rain.

Can Rover our dog come along to our engagement shoot?

Absolutely!  I’ve shot engagements with the couples’ dog, horses and even their rabbit before.


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