Wedding photography in Twekesbury

It was clear that the weather signs were not great for David and Laura’s November wedding.

Apart from all the flood warnings I saw along the way to Tewkesbury, the sky just darker and darker with every mile that passed.

But, having spoken with Laura before her wedding, I knew that persistent rain, flooding and gales were not going to put a dampener on their wedding day.

And their wedding turned into a truly beautiful event.

I always admire the modern day groom, because they seem so relaxed and in control – a complete opposite to how I felt on my wedding day.  David looked elegant, was calm and remained so through out the day and their evening reception.

Laura looked stunning, her dress was perfect, her smile never wavered once (despite the rain and the shadows that all the umbrellas cast), and I’ve never seen a bride look glamorous whilst sporting a muddy pair of Hunter wellies in my life!

Trully a very memorable wedding…but for all the best reasons!

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