I’m still one of those wedding photographers that believe there is a place for formal groups shots within your wedding day coverage, although I do tend to shoot these slightly differently to most wedding photographers.

Group shots become more and more important as the years go by; I do get why some wedding photographers completely refuse to photograph group shots.

But I’m not one of them.  However, much as I love to photograph groups at a wedding, I am always aware that there are two people that feature in ALL of the formal group shots, the bride and groom.  Which is why I try to limit these to a minimum of 10 – 15 formal groups (although you can have as many as you want – this is your day after all).  And I work really hard to photograph your groups shots quickly.

And there are a few things that we (you and me) can do to not only ensure I capture everyone in each of the groups, but also that this is done quickly.  because the quicker I can finish shooting your group shots, the quicker you can get on with having fun at your wedding!

So firstly, during our meetings, I’ll ask you to start to think about who you want in each group.  And as we approach the big day, I’ll ask you to email me a list, which looks like the following example:

Bride & Groom + Mum(name) + Dad (name) + Auntie (name) and Uncle (Name)
Bride & Groom + Mum(name) + Dad (name) + Sister (name) + Brother  (Name) Partner (name)….

And so on…  If you could produce an accurate list like ether one above, then I can hand a copy to either a bridesmaid or Usher (no one seem to listen to the best man) and they can help me get the people together.

I’ll plan when and where to take the group shots and I will promise to make the whole experience as pleasurable and and as quick as possible, ensuring you’ll get these images but not at the cost of missing your wedding day!

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