jjmuino wedding photography

Now I usually never get involved in designing and producing wedding invites, however I couldn’t resist when the Lovely Samantha asked me to help out…

Back in February, I got the opportunity to photograph Samantha and Andy’s engagement.

I really got on so well with this lovely couple and I can not wait to take part in their wedding.  The images we shot during their engagement were natural and fun, but more importantly their love for each other shone on every image I took…they are a great couple and compliment each other so well.

Anyway, as I said, I usually don’t get involved in my couples’ wedding invites, but Sam and Andy loved one of the shots so much that they asked about turning it into a greeting card style wedding invite.  And I think the results are lovely.

Okay, so the details are that these wedding invites measure 148mm x 105mm, are made on excellent quality paper stock and come with envelope…although you can have your details printed inside, for that added elegant touch Sam and Andy had their wedding invite details printed onto gorgeous hammered cartridge paper, then expertly (by me) placed inside each card.

It’s not just a normal wedding invite; it’s personal, and guaranteed to be kept long after the wedding by those that matter, Samantha and Andy’s family and friends.