Groom Preparation Shots, and why they are important.

Here’s why I LOVE shooting groom preparation shots.

Of course, I shoot loads of bridal prep shots, and I really love it when the bridal party are really up for having the shots taken, as was the case at a Sarah and Nicholas’ wonderful wedding.

But one of my personal favourite weddings shots that I’ve ever taken is of the groom prep shot, see the header shot.

It’s important for me because Max was just the perfect groom.  And his best men, obviously very good looking, but were also open to the fact that their prep included a Hispanic photographer hiding in the corners of their hotel room trying his hardest to be discreet.

But here’s why I take groom prep shots and why I think they are SO important…it’s because it’s a part of the day that the bride hardly ever sees.  She doesn’t get to see the messy hotel rooms; she doesn’t get to see her future husband getting ready for their big day, perhaps slightly nervous…perhaps slightly hung over.  And as a reportage wedding photographer my aim is to record everything…from the very start to the very finish.

So, back to the header shot…this one is special for me because it was one of the very first shots I took the second time I became a wedding photographer.  I could not have wished for a better groom, Max was just the total gent from start to finish.  He was open to the photography, happy to pose when needed.  This shot is completely candid and it reminds me of the most perfect of weddings.

So Grooms…PLEASE let me into your hotel room and please spare me a few seconds so that in years to come, you and your wife can look back on these shots and see just elegant you all were as you got ready for the most special of days.

PS:  Beer bottles…dirty pants and messy rooms will not be Photoshopped out.  So guys, start as you mean to go on and pick up those pants!

Thank you to ALL the grooms that bought into my crazy requests for just one more shot.

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