How to really fold a HiLite…thanks to Mario

The Lastolite HiLite is amazing, but how do you fold it away in a hurry?

Forget the instructions and follow Mario, that’s how.

After a hectic and long shoot, photographing some actors for www.johnnyheadshots.com it was time to pack the kit away. This happened quickly until it was time to fold away the Lastolite 6×7 HiLite.

I’ve used the Hilite on many shoots and although no expert at folding it away, I have managed before without too much trouble. Until this day. I tried everything, different sides, different techniques. It got to the point that the internal metal frame got several twists (this can easily be rectified though).  I read and re-read the instructions and after 45 minutes of sweating and swearing I gave up and did what any modern photographer does…I went on YouTube.

Within minutes I discovered a simple video demonstrating the easiest way to fold a HiLite down. It looked too simple, but thought I’d give it a try.

To my amazement the HiLite folded down in two seconds. propped against a wall or a skirting board, the thing dropped into a neat pile, ready to go back into its bag.  I don’t get to look smug that often, but I do know as I fold the mighty HilIte back.





About the author of this post:  I’m a professional wedding photographer based in Cambridgeshire, UK and undertake wedding commissions thorughout the UK as well as destiantion weddings.  Visit my blog at: www.cambsweddingphotography.com and my main site at:  www.jjmuino.com

Commercial clients, please visit:  www.webtography.co.uk

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  1. This is brilliant. I’ve been struggling with this for ages. Are you Mario? If not he deserves a medal.

    Thanks Steve.

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