Relying on past techniques to enhance every shot, a wedding photographers breif guide to black and white.

I’m often asked if I can shoot in black and white – for that ‘arty’ feel to certain images.

The thing is that not all images lend themselves to be in black and white.  So, I shoot in colour, then if I feel that an image will be enhanced by being in black and white, I then convert it.

For the interested photographers out there, it is not just a simple case of de-saturating an image.  I’ve been a professional photographer for over 20 years, which means I remember using film and filters to manipulate the way a black and white film responds to the light…I also remember spending way too much time hiding in dark rooms whilst I printed the images I shot.

If you take a well exposed RAW image and simply de-saturate it then you are not doing the image or yourself justice.

Although I use some black and white pre-sets, I mostly convert each and every shot into black and white by using the channel mixer…that way I get the most control of how the overall shot will look.

To the bride and groom, it simply means that although I use the very latest technology to capture the image, to process the image, I still rely on the fundamentals of professional wedding photography to ensure that the images you receive are the very best they can be.

I’m a wedding photography and I shoot in colour, which means that you can have colour images of black and white images – or both.  It’s your day after all.

I will be enhancing my photographers’ blog section as soon as I have time…so if you are a photographer and want to get involved, drop me a line or get in contact.

Bio:  I’m Juan Muino and I’m a wedding photographer based in and around Cambridgeshire (UK) and shoot throughout the uK as well as destination weddings.  I’ve been a photographer all my life, and when not shooting weddings, I also run a portrait studio and also shoot head shots for actors, performers and presenters.