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I’ve banged on previously about just how important photographs are.

In a digital world, where kids haven’t a clue about having to wait to see an image appear, I still feel that digital files are not enough.  Something amazing and magical happens when you pass a photograph around.   Most hold it gently and look, almost read, the image and usually smile. This is why I always include a selection of prints with most of my wedding photography packages, and your digital files are presented in a beautiful, tangible way.

Photographs capture emotion and happiness.  Yes, having them on a screen and being able to email people around the word in seconds is great.  But sending someone a photograph that they can lean against their screen, or put in a wallet, or frame…well, that’s something else.

As some of my regular blog readers will tell you, I have been honest in my posts.  I wish I could say it was just for you guys, but the truth is my blog posts are really for me, kind of like a therapy session where I can rant and rave, get excited about photographic equipment and share wedding adventures…as well as a little bit about my life (after all you really ought to get to know your wedding photographer after all).

So, I wanted to post this image because it encapsulates all of what I feel about photographs.

It was the last photograph I took of father, who died on the 10th December 2013.  It was taken in July 2013, in his favourite bar at Santa Christina, La Coruna, Spain.  My mum, my wife and my daughter where there to soak up the last rays of sunshine after spending hours at the beach.

Obviously it is very important to me because it reminds me of my father’s smile and laugh.  But as I always say, every photograph I take has a story to it and every time I look at this photograph I am reminded of just how lucky I am and how we should definitely take many more impromptu holidays to be with loved ones.

My father passed away the same way he lived his life…quietly and peacefully and I miss him dearly.

So dear reader, take more photographs, print them, share them with friends and loved ones, don’t just back them up and forget them.  Trust me on this.

cambridge wedding photographers_pepe  Jose (Pepe) Muino 11. 1. 1927 – 10. 12. 2013

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