From the type of bridal suite, to al those tiny details that go into your wedding spectacular!

I shoot all the details…  You’ll find me photographing the chair covers (See Lucie, if you need your venue decorated), the table plans, the florals, the bouquet, the shoes, and so on.

Because I believe that it is so important that as a wedding photographer, my job is to capture the images that tell the story of your entire day.  So that includes all the amazing thought that went into your details.

And you’ll find me photographing your bridal prep too.  Those moments shared with your team, your make-up artist, your family and friends ‘relaxing’ as you remain calm, hours before your wedding day.

Your bridal prep is an important start of your wedding day, and where you hold your bridal prep is also important, if you want to get some truly stunning shots at the start of the day too.  I’ll be writing a full article on bridal prep soon, but do spare some thought to where you’ll be getting ready!  Go on, push the boat out and take advantage of your bridal suite (if your venue has one).

The header shot is from a recent wedding at thee gorgeous Hengrave Hall, which has to have one of the nicest, most elegant bridal suites ever!  And the grooms get their own groom’s room too, complete with a pool table.

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