Of course, I’ll shoot formals…but it’s the next shot you’ll love!

A wedding photographer is there to record your day and I am often asked (candidly) if I shoot formals.  Almost in a way that the person asking may feel that I will get offended.

Sure formal group shots have fallen out of the arty favour of late, some photographers even refuse to shoot formals, but I think they are as relevant as ever.  Trust me, when you look back in twenty years through your wedding album, you’ll realise how important these group shots can be.  

So yes, even though I shoot a mixture of candid reportage style images, I am also very happy to shoot the formals and I promise you’ll like them…but I also promise you will love the next shot.

But my job as a wedding photographer is also to capture the emotion of your day, which is why I love shooting the shot after the formal shot.  Your guests are relaxed for a second and don’t expect me to shoot another shot and that’s when I get the emotion.

Weddings are simply concentrated emotion and that’s why the emotion features in my shots.  Sure there will be a few tears shed during the day, but there will be even more laughter shared.

So smile, and let’s shoot those formals!  Oh, and did I mention that I shoot formals REALLY quickly?  I’d rather you have lots of fun at your own wedding than be standing around for ages shooting formal groups.

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I’m Juan Muino and I’m a Cambridgeshire based wedding photographer specialising in natural, relaxed and fun wedding photography in and around the Cambridgeshire area as well as throughout the UK and abroad.