There are probably two shots that I try and orchsitrate during your wedding photography coverage, and one of these shots is your confetti shot.

Booking me as your wedding photographer means that you’ll end up with a stylish mix of candid, relaxed and natural wedding images that tell the whole story of your day.

I try and keep posed shots to a minimum, but there is one shot that I do set up, your confetti shot,  and I do so for two reasons.

The first being that I need to ensure I get a few great confetti shots.  And the second reason is that if I didn’t set this shot up, then you’d spend the rest of the day randomly being pelted with rose petals (although that sounds nice) or the reforms of confetti.

So here’s how I set this one up.  Straight after your ceremony, I am going to leave you alone, because I want you both to be congratulated by your family and friends… Although I will still be shooting.

Then, I’ll either get a helpful bridesmaid or usher to start to get your guests into two lines.  When you are both ready, I’ll ask you to walk between the tow lines of people, slowly… Ad should you wish to stop for a kiss along the way, then that’s great too.

If you have a videographer, then I’ll advice them and track back in such a way that my butt doesn’t get too much in the shot

Some helpful hints for the perfect confetti shot:
  • Do make sure you have enough confetti.
  • Finds out from your venue the type of confetti that’s allowed
  • Pre-warn one of your ushers and/or bridesmaids that they’ll be enlisted on the day to help get the guests sorted.

And that’s it… Leave the rest to your wedding photographer and as I always say, as you walk down the isle/confetti isle/into your wedding breakfast, take it all in and smile!

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Confetti wedding photos