Joanna and Jack’s most magical, perfect wedding nestled throughout the most stunning of venues, Longstowe Hall, Cambridge.

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Joanna’s bridal prep started at her parents’ house.  Dresses hung in most of the rooms, Prosecco was poured and everyone was calm, especially as the bridal hair and make-up was being done by Joanna’s brother and his team of hairstylists.

I knew Joanna was going to make thee most stunning bride, but she could not have chosen a more perfect wedding gown.  It suited her and her wedding completely and she looked as if she’s been styled for a high end magazine shoot – she looked perfect.

The service was held at the Our Lady and the English Martyrs Church (  This church is situated in the centre of Cambridge, but it really is a true gem, traditional and very impressive.

And Joanna’s arrival to the church was equally as impressive, she arrived in a horse drawn carriage, which made for an amazing site as the horses drove the carriage through the busy streets of Cambridge.

After the ceremony Joanna and Jack took a quick tour through Granchester in the carriage, before transferring to a wedding car for their onward journey to Longstowe Hall.

Guests are always blown away by Longstowe Hall’s impressive entrance, and as the walk through the grounds, the venue opens up to impress completely.  But the bride and groom always enter through the great hall, a truly stunning, richly decorated panelled room.

While Joanna and Jack has some formal wedding photographs taken in the great hall, their guests mingle throughout Longstowe’s grounds, and wandered down the avenue to the lake.

Longstowe Hall offers so very many wedding photograph opportunities; the stunningly lit house combined with the lake and thee most stunning sunsets create gorgeous backdrops to your wedding (and your wedding photographs).

Thank you to the amazing staff and owners of Longstowe Hall for their amazing attention to detail that ensures that all weddings there are perfect. And to Joann and Jack, and their families for making me feel so very welcome, for allowing me to photograph ‘just one more shot’, and for allowing me to share your wedding.

Visit Longstowe Hall’s website, by clicking the link.


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