So, you’re the MAID OF HONOUR!!!!  Congratulations, You’ve been there and done it, so here are our handy hints of what you need to do on the day, just to keep everything stress free and running on schedule.

Every wedding has a a little stress attached to it, even the wedding that are planned so well that even NATO are impressed.  And as the Maid of Honour, there’s a few things that you are responsible for… Apart from making sure the bride is chilled out.

Maid of Honours are like ‘The best Man’, only people will listen to you and do as you say.  So, here’s our list of things to remember or at least be aware off.

On the wedding day.

You’re going to act as the buffer – of course, nothing will ever go wrong, but make sure that the following suppliers have your number, just in case:

In fact, any one that may need to get hold of the bride on the day.

Keep an eye on the time and an eye on the schedule.

From other bridesmaids make-up, to when the bride should begin to get dressed, keep an eye on the schedule to ensure that the bridal prep doesn’t get rushed towards the end of the prep (i.e. ten minutes before the ceremony).  You’ll be driving the bridal prep and it’s okay to remind the other suppliers (the make up artist/hair and photographer) about timings.

Tidy as you go.

I you’re in the bridal prep suit, then the chances are that all  your cases and bags are there too.  So, better than running at the very last minute, keep and eye on all your stuff and pack it away as you go.  Brides get really stressed if they aren’t sure where their stuff is.  Tidying as you go along ensures that everyone’s stuff is where it should be, ready for the venue staff to move the bags or cases.  And also, having a tidy bridal prep suits is really appreciated by the photographer too = nicer photographs.

Prosecco + food

Keep the bride fed – little and often is the key here.  In my experience, brides are hardly ever hungry but  they have such a busy day; as Maid of Honour, make sure that you, the bride and the other bridal members are fed.  And of course topped dup with bucks fizz too.

Be a super stylist

During the day, especially during the wedding photography, keep an eye on the bride’s dress and make sure that the train and veil look their best.  You’ll be responsible for keeping an eye on the bouquet too, especially at the church / ceremony.

Be the cowgirl

I WISH I could count on the best men or ushers to help round the family and friends up of the formal group shots, but sadly it’s been my experience that NO ONE listens to the boys.  So, as the wedding photographer, I may have to count on your help to go round the guests up.  That way we can get the formals done quickly and you can get on with enjoying the day too.

Bust some moves

It take sone brave person to hit  the dance floor and bust those moves.  That brave person is usually you.  Get out there, cut some shapes and dance like no one is watching, because within seconds, the lesser brave guests will join you.  It just take Maid of Honour, the bravest most organise person at the wedding!

And…  A HUGE thank you to all the Maids of Honour, I thank you.  Thank you for your help on the day, for your patience on the day and for ensuring your dearest friend looks and feels like a princess.

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