At every wedding I’ve attended as a wedding photographer, there is ONE second that I get to share with the bride and groom, husband and wife, that no one else gets to witness.

The service has ended, the newly wed couple have just left the church and all the guests are still in the church.

For that one, single second…all the emotional build up, the stress of planning the wedding, the butterflies during the service…all meet into one split second and turn into the first genuine kiss or hug that the couple share.

Honestly, it’s silent…nothing is ever said, they just hug.  It lasts just a second, becuase shortly after the parents and other guests begin to pour out of the church and begin demand for the couples attention and the couple tend to seperate whilst groups of friends congratulate them.

I get to witness this second and if lucky I also get to record it…and it usually becomes of of my clients’ favourite shots, because it captures a moment so full of emotion that the couple hardly ever remember, and hardly ever gets repeated again.

And this to me…a seasoned pro, is what weddings should always be about.  Sure, the cake, the venue, the food, the drink the dress…these things are all important, but not as important as that first second.

This little post is dedicated to my gorgeous wife, who is currently somewhere in the Sarah Dessert

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