As photographers, we need to shoot.

Yet our lives are constantly engulfed with taking care of our business, that sometimes we forget why we became photographers in the first place…which is to create images.

I am always banging on to my tiny team about the importance of designing a personal project, nurturing it, developing and working on it.  It is vitality important…well, it is for me.  I am a wedding photographer, I also shoot commercially and editorially BECAUSE this allows me to work on my personal photographic projects.

I have a a face for radio and a physic designed by Mr Kippling, which is why I would rather be behind the camera and not in front of the lens.  I do not like having my photograph taken…but I actually did so and volunteered to do so the other day in Cambridge…because I met someone who was working on their personal project!

Gary is working on a year long personal project where he intends to shoot 2013 faces during 2013.  Although he admitted he needed to catch up slightly, he is out there shooting and meeting people!  Check out his site at, here.

So to you who want to shoot, who dream of being photographers…just go and shoot.  Seriously, all you need to do is come up with a personal project and work on it.  It really is that simple, so go follow your passion and shoot.  And the ONLY people it needs to appeal to is YOU…no clients, no critiques, just you.  If you love what you are doing, then I promise others will too.

This mini-post is dedicated to all who should be photographing, and especially to Jane S, Jason and Chris H.


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