Your wedding photography service will be completely tailored to your requirements.  Every wedding I photograph is different, and I approach every wedding differently too.

Being your wedding photographer is really like being a part of your team.  I need to make sure I get the very best images.

So, although we will chat through all of your plans during our meeting and hopefully your engagement shoot, there are a few things that I ought to know.  I always apologise for having to ask, and honestly, I am not intruding, it just helps me know a little bit about your family dynamics.

So here goes:

Will both your parents be attending, and are they still talking to each other?

I ask this so that I don’t embarrass anyone (and me) during the group shots.  If your parents are divorced, do let me know.  Also, if they are separated and are bringing their partners to the wedding, then it’s important that I know about this too.

Does everyone get on?

Every family has it’s own little quirks and dynamics, so it’s worth letting me know if there is any issue that may hamper things during the group shots.

And will your grandparents be attending?

If  you are lucky enough to have a full set of brilliant grand parents attending, then that’s great.  But also let me know if certain key members of your family won’t be attending.

Any special surprises or gifts to be presented

If you are planning a special gift, or a surprise, then let me know so I can make a note in your wedding photography plan sheet; that way I’ll do all I can to ensure I am there to capture that moment.


What’s next regarding  your wedding photography?

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