As a wedding photographer, I get to listen to many many speeches.

Some are joyous, filled with emotion, happiness and tears; they are beautifully thought out and well delivered…others crash to the ground and burn in a smoke of what the groom/best man ‘thought’ would be funny.

I was half way through listening (and shooting) at a the speeches at a wedding in Cambridge recently, when I noticed the groom was standing away from his bride with his friends.

Through the course of being booked to shoot a wedding, I really get to know the couple, I get to know how they met, I get to understand a little about their back story… So, on this occasion, I knew that the speech was arriving to a really poignant part, and I knew just how upset the bride would become.  I casually walked over to the groom and asked him to ‘go be with the bride’, to which he obliged.  He held tightly to her hand as the speech continued explaining about the guests that couldn’t be there to share their special day.  She leant into him, and they comforted each other (and yes, I did get the shot).

I like the fact that I get to know my clients, and because of that I get to share their day and not shoot for clients, but shoot for friends.

A good wedding speech, in my humble opinion, should bring a smile or two, should be layered with emotion… and should really leave you wanting for more.  Forget the badly timed jokes, this isn’t the place for them, simply speak from your heart and smile.

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BIO: I’m Juan Muino and I’m a Cambridge based wedding photographer specialising in modern, relaxed wedding photography throughout the UK as well as destination weddings.