Our very special USB card wedding folio cases

An elegant, stylish and very tangible way to present your digital files

We think that digital files are as important as printed pictures, so they deserve to be show off too!

As part of my service to you, you will receive all your edited images in both high resolution and in low resolution.  However, you just don't get a basic DVD.  Instead you will receive your digital files beautifully presented in a bespoke folio case designed with your images*.

Your files will be stored within a stylish credit card sized, aluminium USB memory card...all you have to do is plug the card into a usb port in your computer or TV and you can access and view your images.

They may be digital files, but they still deserve to be presented in a special way.  Your folio case is the perfect compliment to your bespoke albums and prints.

Additional memory cards and folio cases can also be purchased, it's all part of my complete wedding photography service that you will receive.

Size: Closed 145mm x 140 mm.  Opened : 145mm x 280mm

Covers: Linen, leatherette, leather, Faux Sued, Paisley and shimmer.

Please contact me for more options.

* On selected packages, or available as an optional extra.


As an optional extra, a USB folio with an 8Gb card is £74.00 or £84 with a 16gb card.

Usb Folio case cover options

From gorgeous linen covers, leatherette and paisley covers, we have a cover to suit your wedding!  And you can also have an image printed on the inside of your cover (Linen only).

For genuine leather please add £24.

Here are the current covers available.

Linen collection

Leatherrette Collection

Faux Sued, Paisley & Shimmer

Leather Cover Collection (+£24.00)

Damsk Cover Collection

Ready to order your gorgeous USB Folio Case?

Here's all you have to do to order your USB Folio.

  • Choose your cover
  • Decide how you would like your names to appear on the cover
  • If you are having an image printed on the inside front over, choose your image (Linen covers only).
  • Email me with your choices, including a preferred delivery address.

USB folio cases can take up to three weeks to be delivered.

Any questions? Just get in contact.

Here's how you can get in contact




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