Why must I only be a wedding photographer?  Surely a diverse book and skill set can only be a good thing?

It has long been understood that as a photographer, you have to climb into the smallest niche or pigeon hole and stay there whilst your work in that specific area.  I can understand that if you are a car photographer, after all I doubt that you’d be very comfortable lighting a formal group shot.  But I can’t understand why we, as professional photographers, allow ourselves to be pigeon holed.

I’m a wedding photographer, but I shoot fashion and love to photograph people, whether for stock or for editorial.  And you know what…I’m PROUD of that.  But more importantly, the clients who book me to shoot their weddings do so because they know that I also shoot other things too, and I bring those skills and styles to their weddings too.

So when I am not prepping for a wedding and when I’m not shooting for commercial clients I actually shoot for…my self!  I shoot projects.  I shoot what I love to shoot and I shoot what takes my interest.  You see,  photography for me is like therapy.  I get to do a job that inspires me to improve every single day and the only way to get better is to shoot more.  And that’s another reason why I have started to write this blog, you see every header shot has been photographed specifically to highlight a blog post.

So if you’re like me and feel a little pigeon holed, then creep out just once and shoot something very different…that’s all you have to do, but just do it the once.  After all, you may end up loving it and you may start to do it more often. And I think we won’t be the only ones that will benefit from it, I think our clients will too.  Happy shooting everyone!

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And please, do get involved with this topic.  If you’re a professional photographer, be it a wedding photographer or a car photographer get involved and tell me what you think.