This is a question that I get asked a lot…and it is such an important question to ask when you are looking to book a wedding photographer.  Because you simply can not ‘wing it’ when it comes to photographing one of the most important days in your lives.

Ask this question and if your photographer can’t answer, then seriously consider booking them.  Any wedding photographer should have a clear idea, a strong vision on how they want to shoot your day and you should know that too and have agreed on the look.  Also, the wedding photographer should have spoken to you about the album choices and how you intend to display the images as this has an effect on how the day is shot.

For example, if I know that my clients want a larger, landscape orientated wedding book, I tend to shoot with that in mind so that when I come to design the book, the image orientation matched the page orientation.

Here’s how I describe my style of wedding photography.

My wedding photography, although tailored to your requirements, offers you a stylish mix of reportage and fun formal shots.  My images have a ‘filmic’ and classic look to them, almost as if each shot is a still from a film.  

Here are 5 ‘classics’ that will never be included in my style of wedding photography.

  1. Selective colour:  Where the bride is in black and white and the bouquet is in colour – This effect was very popular in the 80’s and early 90’s…sadly, it still gets seen on wedding books now.
  2. Cheese:  I won’t shoot the garter shot.  I don’t want the bride being picked up awkwardly by the groom, ushers and best men, I will never ask you to intertwine your arms as you drink each other’s champagne.
  3. Faked backgrounds: If you want Paris as a bacground, let”s shoot your shots in Paris.  Put simply, faked backrounds look naff.
  4. Superimposed Roses:  NO!  Bleached out images of you both with badly superimposed roses or rose petals all over the place just looks so bad.
  5. Top hat throwing: A: Top hats are expensive – unless you own a top hat then throwing it in the air could result in you loosing your deposit.  B: Top hats hurt when the hit you on your head.

Remember, you both have to live with your images for the rest of your lives.  They will serve as an emotional reminder of the most special of days.  The style of your wedding photography has got to stand the test of time.  The five ‘classics’ mentioned above have no place in an elegantly styled wedding book.

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