Yesterday is WHY I became a wedding photographer.

Yesterday I travelled 140 miles each way to meet with a couple that have booked me to shoot their wedding.  We’d been in contact via email for some time, so I was really excited to meet this couple in person.   You tend to build a picture of what a couple would be like from the ideas that are deciphered in your head.   Inventively though the real ‘them’ almost always turn out to be better that your perceptions.

I arrived at her parent’s  house in the middle of the Oxfordshire countryside and was greeted as a friend would be.

I was introduced to the parents and welcomed into their home…genuinely welcomed.   We chatted about their big day, they chatted about how they met.  Her mother was fantastic, patient and relaxed, despite the fact that she had basically been the driving force in the organisation of her daughter’s wedding day.  A wedding that would see 300 of their family and friends come together to celebrate a wedding.

After all the details were noted, myself, A and J went out and took some pre-wedding shots…a mini engagement shoot.  She looked beautiful, happy and at no time did the cold bother her.  He looked elegant and so calm, and I knew that he was over the moon because he was about to marry the girl of his dreams.  They made an elegant couple.

As the afternoon drew to an end, I was actually invited back to family home for Sunday lunch.  I wouldn’t usually stay, but they insisted.  I sat at their family table with her mother and father to one side and the A+J on the other side.  Plates were passed around, wonderful food was dished out and I got to eat a real family meal. And as I watched at how her parents were, how settled they were and how he thanked his wife for the meal, I watched A + J and felt really excited for them  because they are at the beginning of tremendously exciting time in their lives.  I’m lucky because I get to be there and share their big day.  I get to soak up the emotion, I get to meet some really lovely people and then I get to drive home and be with my family.

Yesterday was a great day.